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5th September 2019 - 11th September 2019
Event Type: Styling

Maiden's Prayer

Free attempts = 420 Wish Star
Maiden's Prayer - 3,420 Wish Star 1,500 diamond

 Tier Rewards:
20 Diamonds, 30,000 Gold, 13 Stamina, 8 Star Coins

Collect Wish Stars to claim the suit. This is a tiered event - items are claimed in a specific order. You get 1 free attempt per day. 1 attempt costs 30 diamonds. Attempts will stack. In each attempt you will be given a styling theme and will need to choose a total of 6 items to create an outfit. Choose the highest scoring item out of the 3 options provided at each step to create the highest possible scoring suit according to the theme given. There are 5 different styling themes. After completing a theme once you can use the "Done" option.

 You can earn a maximum of 60 Wish Stars per attempt. 

You will receive:
☆ 5 Wish Star for correctly choosing the highest scoring
☆ 3 Wish Star for choosing the second highest scoring
☆ 1 Wish Star for choosing the lowest scoring
If all 6 items chosen are correct, a bonus 30 Wish Star will be rewarded.

2nd September 2019 - 11th September 2019
Event Type: Hell Event

 Story Suits:
Each group of suits drop on the same node.
All main suits include a makeup.

Eternal Firefly includes:
- Old Dream In Fleeting Light
- Autumn Firefly
Lotus Breeze - animated background with fireflies
Humanoid background accessory of Autumn Firefly

00:00 / 01:20

Press play!

The Gift of the Magi includes:
- Prelude to Youth
- Flower Season Melody
- Soul Bruce
- Symphonic Poem of Future
Background - Spring Stairway and Autumn Maple Stairway
Humanoid background accessory for each suit

Silent Platform includes:
- Farewell Note
- One-Way Train
Farewell Platform - snowy animated background
Humanoid background accessory of One-Way Train

Poetry Azure includes:
- City Subway
- Melody of Whale
Background - Last Train and Deep Sea Patrol which is an animated panoramic background

 Minor Suits:
Memory Gear
Past Glory
Song of Sea Breeze
Feminine Chivalry

 SSR items:
Morning Gleam, Lazy Style, World in One Palm, Carved Time

10 Free attempts
Node 1 - 70 Twilight Sand, 1,800 diamonds
Node 2 - 140 Twilight Sand, 3,900 diamonds
Node 3 - 240 Twilight Sand, 6,900 diamonds
Node 4 - 350 Twilight Sand, 10,200 diamonds

Full completion ~21,000 diamonds

 Cost if you used all free attempts from previous rounds:
27 Free attempts
Node 1 - 1,290 diamonds
Node 2 - 3,390 diamonds
Node 3 - 6,390 diamonds
Node 4 - 9,690 diamonds

Nodes 1-3 are random. Node 4 is will drop Poetry Azure.
14 suits and 6 backgrounds in total! Costs ~692 diamonds per suit!

There are 4 nodes which are reached by spending diamonds to obtain the required amount of
Twilight Sand. Each draw costs 30 diamonds and grants 1 Twilight Sand. There is 1 free attempt per day. Each draw will also reward diamonds, stamina, gold, minor suit items or SSR item. One SSR item will drop every 100 pulls or so. Minor suits and 3 SSR items can be recolored. During the event you can obtain the Twilight Sand Avatar Pendant.

All milestone requirements have increased by 10 Twilight Sand during this return. You will have same number of Twilight Sand from last time if you participated. It is not possible to receive a suit from reaching the same milestone.

23rd August 2019 - 11th September 2019

260 VIP EXP - Raccoon On the Move
810 VIP EXP - Magic Key
2400 VIP EXP Butterfly Fairy
3750 VIP EXP - Song of Freedom

Song of Freedom has a new background. All suits include a makeup!

2nd September 2019 - 11th September 2019
Event Type: Welfare

Blind Love

 Tier Rewards:
47,776 Gold, 225 Stamina

Explore the maps of Journey Chapters 1 to 11 to find
Giftys. This is a tiered event - items are claimed in a specific order. You will also receive rewards including stamina or gold each time you feed gifty. There are 15 free chances per day. 1 attempt costs 9 diamonds. Blind Love can be completed for free. Feed Gifty 150 times to complete the suit. The suit recipes will be available sometime in the future.


Modern Spirits, Movie Night, New Beginning, Modern Fantasy Light, Vintage Leather, Silver Screen, Time in Movie Scroll, Rare Happiness
50 Diamond, 50 VIP EXP

Purchase the Movie Night Pack for $0.99 USD. The pack will be stored in your mailbox until the expiry date. Each pack has a limit of one purchase.