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THE FOLLOWING EVENTS RUN from Jun 14 to Jun 20 and lasts for 6 days and 19 hours

This recharge is not a suit. Here is the list of the items included:

Energetic Meatball
Passion Symphony
Dancing Note
Soul Resonance
Starsea Carnival
Hand Drum Ring

The Moonlight Grace event runs from Jun 14 to Jun 20 and lasts for 6 days and 19 hours.

  • This is a packing event! You will need to do chapter stages to receive stamina currency and then pack 5 of them at a time to make one event currency.

  • You can pack 5 times per day for free or 35 times total. Extra packing will cost 24 diamonds per pack.

  • You need 110 currency for Moonlight Muse.

  • This will cost 2200 stamina farming Maiden or 3300 stamina farming Princess. Natural regeneration will cover the stamina costs farming Maiden or Princess.

  • This will cost 1800 diamonds for Moonlight Muse.

☆ Return costs are from CN and are subject to change. Please enter your crafting materials to get accurate estimates!
☆ Stats will be added to the sheet once Nikki's Info ( is updated!

the childish doll event runs from jun 04 to jun 13 and lasts for 9 days and 19 hours.

☆this event is tiered, this means you have to redeem the items and suits in a set order!
☆ you need 4200 currency for toy carnival.
☆ you will get a total of 600 free currency through the event.
☆ for this event, you get 1 free try per day. 1 free try will let you play a "let's make a suit game" where you choose 6 items to make a suit.
☆ each item you choose ""correctly"" grants you 5 currencies. if you get all 6 correct, you'll get a bonus of 30 currencies. this means it's a total of 60 currencies per try.
☆ it costs 30 diamonds for one reset, which buys you 1 try.
☆ this will cost 1800 diamonds (-5 diamonds back) for toy carnival for the suit with free tries.
☆ we do not have return costs because this event has yet to return on another server.
☆stats will be added to the sheet once nikki's info ( is updated!

☆ Note that the non-ordered submission was removed, please only submit if you know the full order of your drops!
☆ Remember to check out the pity timer information in the FAQ if you don't know about it yet~
☆ Stats will be added to the sheet once Nikki's Info ( is updated!

Jellyfish Glow
2-4 P

Pink Wings
3-4 P

4-3 P

Tank Top Black
3-4 M

Nurse Cap
4-7 M

Sheep T-shirt
5-7 M


2-8 P


Miss Jellyfish
3-5 P

Maple Ninja
5-1 P

Silent Years
3-5 M

Chiffon Shawl
4-8/11-8/12-6 M

Plaid Bag Red

9-S3 M


Mori Girl and Deer
2-9 P

3-3/7-8 P

Azure Flower
5-4/7-3 P

Common Coat
4-2/9-6/12-3/13-9 M

Pearl Hairpin
5-2 M