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Love Nikki Dress Up Queen, Miracle Nikki, Shining Nikki, and Elex's official photos were used with some creativity.

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Buffs: (1-3☆)
Floral Fragrance - Increase score (15-60%)
Sun's Glare - Increase partner's score (15-60%)
Goddess's Gift - Extra Currency (1-3)

You will be presented with cards displaying Buffs. Each buff has 3☆ which determines the level of benefits. You will receive one randomly selected buff every 5 styling battles. 10 Wreaths are rewarded per victory and 6 Wreaths per loss. Goddess' Gift will grant extra currency regardless of the battle outcome. The cost of the suits will vary with win rate and buffs received.

There are four stylings themes. Style according to the theme in a 2v2 battle with a bot partner to collect
Wreaths. You can switch partners by clicking "Change Partner" and selecting a partner of choice. "Seek Stylist" and "Start" the battle. This is a tiered event - items are claimed in a specific order. Click "Claim Rewards" to view the item tiers. There are 5 free attempts per day which will stack. 1 attempt costs 30 diamonds. This collaboration event will return.

Event Cost Breakdowns by Squirtle Squad. 

1st April 2020 - 7th April 2020
Event Type: Time-limited Wish Court

Free attempts = 5x Wish 1
Half-price = 5x Wish 5 (20 Wishes)
Approximately 2-3k diamonds

Draw in the time-limited wish court to collect furniture. 1 Wish costs 40 diamonds. You will receive 1 free
Wish and a half-price Wish 5 every two days. Each draw will guarantee one item. Make sure to check the "Preview" for all the available furniture. Collect all the limited furniture to unlock the Nikki Chibi Spring Grace.