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25th June 2019 - 11th July 2019

Event Type: Hell Event, Pavilion


Main Suits:

Each main suit was inspired by a Miraland NPC.

Ace - Aster Guardian

Kimi - Glorious Chapter

Lunar - World in Dream

Bobo - Daymare Fairy Tale


Minor Suits:

Spring Wind

Dark Tide at Night

Flowers in the Wildness 

Cloud Dream (SSR) - hairpin, hosiery, necklace, shoes, hair, right handheld, dress, earrings



- 7 Free attempts (2 from mailbox, 5 from Event Store)
- 450 Free Window Flowers

The following sourced from ECB submitted completions.
◇ Aster Guardian - Average 3,139 diamonds
(min = 1,700 diamonds, max = 5,000 diamonds)
◇ Glorious Chapter - Average 2,896 diamonds
(min = 1,500 diamonds, max = 4,900 diamonds)
◇ World in Dream - Average 3,610 diamonds
(min = 2,200 diamonds, max = 5,800 diamonds)
◇ Daymare Fairy Tale (excluding other costs) Average 3,462 diamonds (min = 2,200 diamonds, max = 5,800 diamonds)

Main Suits - Average 13,313 diamonds
Full Completion (SSR) - Maximum 25,600 diamonds

Enter the Brave New World and head to "Cloud Realm" where the Memory Nebulae can be found. There are locks beside Ace, Kimi, and Lunar. Each main suit is obtained from the pavilion of the corresponding NPC. The suits Aster Guardian, Glorious Chapter, and World in Dream can be obtained in any order. Regardless of whether you have completed them or not, you must pull 31 times for each suit if you wish to obtain Bobo's suit. This collects memory power and transforms the locks into special items as pictured below. Send all three special items to Bobo by clicking them. This will unlock Bobo's Memory Nebula where you can obtain her suit Daymare Fairy Tale.

Click "Awaken Memory" to purchase Karma Stars which are used to pull in the main pavilions. Spend 100 diamonds for 1 Karma Star and 80 hours towards the Stars of Karma Avatar Pendant. You will receive a total of 2 Karma Stars in your mailbox on Day 1 and 3 of the event. You can also obtain up to 5 Karma Stars from the "Event Store" located left of the event map. Click "Resonate" to draw in a pavilion. With each pull, one random item from the selected suit will drop. You are guaranteed a new item every 10 pulls. Duplicates can be decomposed. Check the "Preview" for all items that are obtainable from the pavilions. All four main suits include a makeup and background.

There are a number of story stages on the event map. After reading the final stage on the Day version of the map, you will be sent to the Night version. Day/Night can be selected from the switch top-left. The Night stages become available on Day 3 of the event. Story stages do not reward Window Flowers. A total of 25 Window Flowers are rewarded for completing the styling stages for the first time. There are 5 free attempts per day. Attempts stack. 5 attempts cost 30 diamonds . A large range of items are available at the Event Store. The most notable being Karma Stars and the Sea in Dream background.

Each pull in any of the main pavilions also rewards Heart Wish. These are used to claim rewards from the Wish Bottle located top-right of Cloud Realm. 8 Heart Wishes are required to open the Wish Bottle once. Rewards include either a complete minor suit, SSR item, or Wish Bottle Pack. The Wish Bottle Pack includes a random amount of diamonds, stamina, and gold.

Minor suits drop in a specific order (listed above). Every 3 Wish Bottle opens guarantees a minor suit. SSR items also drop in specific order. To complete the live 2D interactive suit Cloud Dream, the Wish Bottle may need to be opened up to a maximum of 32 times costing 25,600 diamonds. Minor suit and SSR drops do not repeat. If all items of Cloud Dream are equipped, Nikki can move around. This feature works in Starry Corridor, Competition and Free Dressing. You can interact with her by clicking or rotating the device. It will also be available to try for a limited time in the Hot tab of Events.

All progress made in collecting memory power for special items, Karma Stars, and progress in Wish Bottle will be kept.

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credit for the above tutorial to Mikasa (crystal#2301) pres of Straw Hat association

THE FOLLOWING RECHARGES RUN from June 25Tth to July 21th 

Jellyfish Glow
2-4 P

Pink Wings
3-4 P

4-3 P

Tank Top Black
3-4 M

Nurse Cap
4-7 M

Sheep T-shirt
5-7 M


2-8 P


Miss Jellyfish
3-5 P

Maple Ninja
5-1 P

Silent Years
3-5 M

Chiffon Shawl
4-8/11-8/12-6 M

Plaid Bag Red

9-S3 M


Mori Girl and Deer
2-9 P

3-3/7-8 P

Azure Flower
5-4/7-3 P

Common Coat
4-2/9-6/12-3/13-9 M

Pearl Hairpin
5-2 M