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Welcome to Starlet's Zodiac!

Turn the astrolabe and see what fate says!

Tap a zodiac you like to turn the astrolabe and you will get a daily reading

Zodiac Quest page

In the above example, Today's Zodiac BONUS is received if you clear any stage with the number  1 in it like stage 1, 11, 10, 12 in any chapter. 

Do so and you'll get an additional 2461 gold each time. 

The reward is valid for 20 times

not ALL quests will have these requirements and that reward

Enter the journey and you will find the reminder. Clear the required stage and win the reward

The reading refreshes every day

In this screenshot you need to clear the quest in association commission 5 times 

!!! not ALL quests will have these requirements and that reward

The higher your star level the better the reward. Just tap on star up to max your star level  BEFORE  claiming the reward 

be sure to tap until you have 5 stars because sometimes it fails to add a star when you tap

After you complete the quests you can tap on the claim button to claim the reward

There is also the option of sending a link to your association or community by clicking "Share Covenant" that will result in the screen below. You get NO REWARD FROM SHARING 

In this screenshot you can link with a 5 star quest so that you boost your quest to 5 stars. Evry share has a limited number of links

By sharing the contract to others you can help others whose zodiac quest is of lower star level reach your star level or you can link with others who shared to boost your star level, meaning it allows others to immediately boost their star level to match yours